Crawling is such an important milestone in a baby’s life. It is the first small leap towards independence.

Until babies and toddlers can master the art of crawling or walking, they will however have to suffer various bumps, falls and bruises.

Whilst you may not be able to protect your baby from every fall, you can protect their delicate knees.Babies skin and bones are delicate; you can help your baby cruise around on their knees or protect them from falls with our kneepads.

Our kneepads are designed to protect your baby or toddler’s knees from falls or hard floors.

Made from 78% cotton, they are comfortable and safe for your baby’s delicate skin. They can be washed in the washing machine at 30 degrees.

Easy to put on and remove (even from the most squiggly toddler) like a sock.

What are you waiting for? Order one of our kneepads today and let your baby / toddler go wild!